Purchasing a new home is the largest investment you will ever make.

Whether you are a buyer or seller you can be assured I will provide you a thorough and detailed inspection you can trust. For a buyer, I will make sure that you understand every component of the inspection and that you are confident in your purchase. For sellers, I will provide a report that gives 100% full disclosure, to eliminate possible problems that could delay or lose a sale.

I have worked to create an inspection report that is very detailed, yet easy to understand. I do not feel that my job ends after the inspection is completed. Should you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact me and I will do whatever it takes to provide answers to any questions you might have.


Purchasing a home is likely the most expensive investment you will ever make. I understand this and it is my goal to help make you certain of your decision. As a licensed home inspector I will complete a competent, professional home inspection that will give you the information you need to have “Peace of Mind” in your next real estate purchase.

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